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National Police Week

Honoring Our Police During National Police Week


Police Badge - (Source: CC 2.0 Scott Davidson on Flickr)
I grew up with a strong sense of pride in and admiration for the work law enforcement officers do to protect us and our communities. My uncle was a New York State Policeman and my father was the Chief Store Detective for a large department store. Living an honest life and appreciating the dedication & commitment police men and women bring to their job to keep us safe has always been a part of who I am.

This came full circle in 2003 when our son attended the Police Academy while staying with us. Learning first hand each night over dinner what goes into the training of a police officer and the values set forth by the police department made me prouder than ever, not just of my son, but of all law enforcement officers everywhere.

This page is dedicated to our police officers in all branches of Law Enforcement, and recognizes them particularly during National Police Week each May.

National Police Week in 2018

May 13-18, 2018

The Week includes Peace Officer Memorial Day (May 15th).

Origin of National Police Week - And Peace Officer Memorial Day


President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation in 1962 which designated May 15th as 'Peace Officers Memorial Day' and the week in which that date falls as National Police Week.

The Police Patrol in Various Ways. . .




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Source: Wikimedia Commons


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Source: C. Kelly Roberts-Flickr

Note: Photographer C.K. Roberts states: "To get this shot, I laid on the ground and asked the officer to drive by me. He drove by me faster and faster, closer and closer, until I got this photograph."


Source: Elvert Barnes-Flickr

National Law Enforcement Memorial

A Candlelight Vigil is traditionally held on May 13th, regardless of the day of the week on which it falls. National Peace Officers Memorial Day Service, hosted by the Fraternal Order of Police and the Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary is always held on May 15th in honor of our Fallen Officers.

Get involved with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund by hosting an event to raise funds for the Memorial Fund and the National Law Enforcement Museum.

It is a simple way to help promote the work of the Memorial and Museum and provide funding for either Memorial programs or the Museum capital campaign, "A Matter of Honor."

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund conducts a variety of programs and events each year to honor those law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice and to increase public support for the law enforcement profession.

Events to raise funds for the Memorial Fund and the National Law Enforcement Museum often include:

  •     Walks or Runs
  •     Bike Race
  •     Golf Tournament
  •     Local Raffle
  •     Concert

They also team up with numerous sporting events, such as Major League Baseball games, to hold 'Appreciation Events' to raise awareness and honor America's Law Enforcement Officers.

Badge of Honor - Police Badge


Source: Wikipedia


A police badge is a symbol of authority granted by taking an oath and it contains the insignia of the organization it represents.

In the United States, police badges are usually made of metal in various colors and finishes and are worn above the left chest pocket on the uniform shirt or jacket.

Blue Mass - National Police Week


Honoring those who have given their lives in the line of duty.

Source: Flickr

National Police Wives Association

This is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting law enforcement spouses Created with the goal of helping police spouses and family members face the daily struggles of being in a law enforcement relationship.
  • Click here to learn more about the National Police Wives Association 


A Police Officer and his Family


Police Academy Graduation - Swearing in Ceremony (personal photo)

It was a proud moment when our son completed the Police Academy and was sworn in as a police officer.

Proud Parents of a brand new police officer

Our Dad is now a Police Officer!

Policeman Dad (our son with his sons after graduating from the Police Academy in Savannah, Georgia.

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  1. I'm very proud of our two police sons, as I know you're proud of yours. Graduating the police academy is a very big deal. Serving their communities is a HUGE deal. God bless each and every one of them and keep them safe!

    1. Susan, I don't think anyone is more proud or more 'in tune' with what it takes to be a police officer than their mothers! Every Law Enforcement Officer deserves all the respect we can give them.

  2. We often hear the stories about bad cops on the news. We frequently see the police depicted as criminals themselves on tv. We rarely remember that most of the kids who choose to go into law enforcement are the good guys who only want to help and serve. I know there have been several times in my life when I have been more than grateful for the officers in our community. They truly are so often the unsung heroes and they should have a national police week at the very least.

    Thank you to your son, and the many sons and daughters who serve to keep us safe!

    1. Thanks, Mouse. I originally wrote this article several years ago before all the bad publicity about police officers. It is my hope that by reminding people about the 'good guys', the few 'bad apples' will not be the only ones they remember about Law Enforcement and the good they do in general!