Tuesday, July 19, 2016

National Blueberry Month

Blueberries - Source: Pixabay

July is officially known as National Blueberry Month!

The North American Blueberry Council (NABC) spent decades petitioning to have the month of July declared National Blueberry Month and in 2003 this came about through the the United States Department of Agriculture.  

Canada also made a Royal Proclamation for Blueberry Month in August!

Blueberries, a perennial flowering plant with indigo-colored berries, are often thought to be synonymous with Summertime.  So it seems appropriate for July (a true mid-summer month) to be the month chosen for Blueberry month.

While blueberries are grown in many places around the world, the state of Washington is our nation's largest producer of blueberries!

Blueberries as Food ~ 


Blueberries for breakfast taste great in blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes and as smoothies.

Blueberries in fruit salad can't be beat. And, of course, keep a bowl of fresh berries washed and chilled in the fridge for a quick, yummy snack.

Blueberries are delicious eaten as a fresh fruit or cooked and/or baked into muffins, pie, cheesecake, pancakes, and cobbler.

A quick search online produces more blueberry recipes than you can possibly try before the end of blueberry season ~ but it would sure be fun trying. Check out some links from this Google search page.

Blueberry Desserts! 

Blueberry-Strawberry Cheesecake Icebox Cake

Also, blueberries make the BEST desserts. 

Sylvestermouse features a fabulous blueberry-strawberry cheesecake icebox cake recipe from the Life, Love and Sugar blog on her Fun Food Guiide.

Blueberries as Crafts

After you have enjoyed eating blueberries in your favorite way, put down that blueberry muffin for a bit and visit some clever Blueberry crafts on the blog post Beautiful Blueberry Handicrafts. Crafters love the color of blueberries for handmade creations.

Plastic Comb Berry-Picker


Available on Amazon
In past times, blueberries were traditionally hand-picked with berry-picking rakes. Today, modern farmers use machine harvesters that shake the fruit off the bush of cultivated highbush blueberries.

But for U-pick/pick-your-own farms,  and your own backyard blueberry bushes, a berry-picking rake is the perfect solution.

This clever device has wire or plastic combs for combing off the berries. It makes berry picking for both blueberries and huckleberries effortless without damaging plants or being injured from thorns.

Happy National Blueberry Month!

Whether growing and gathering the blueberry fruit, eating delicious blueberries, or creating blueberry crafts, July is a great time to begin or continue your blueberry infatuation!


  1. Ok, I have to say, that blueberry picker is awesome! I have always been afraid of what might be hiding in a blueberry patch. That picker would make me feel a bit more separated from the creatures that lay up in and around those vines.

    Thank you for also featuring that Blueberry Strawberry cheesecake. It is delicious!

    Happy Blueberry Month!

    1. That Blueberry-Strawberry cheesecake you featured looks so delicious, Mouse. I'd love a piece right now! :)

  2. Wow!! I really never heard of a berry-picking rack, what a handy little helper. Blueberry pie is one of my all time favorites, Now I think that I need to make one!!!

    1. Enjoy making that pie, Sam. Thanks for visiting my blueberry story.

  3. I haven't picked blueberries for years. Now I want to get that cute blueberry rake and go pickin'! I do love blueberries. That dessert makes my mouth water. Have a good month celebrating!

    1. My brother had a whole row of blueberry bushes in his backyard in New York State. His yard backed up to a park and wooded area and he used to have to compete with the deer for the berries! Thanks for your visit, Susan.

  4. Blueberries, who doesn't love them? Anitoxidants galore as well. I'll take them any way they are prepared or naked is good too! Naked blueberries for breakfast oh ymmmmm!

    1. Or, blueberries on cereal for breakfast. :) Thanks for visiting, Olivia.

  5. I love blueberries sooo much. I love them frozen, with milk poured on them. The milk nearly freezes as the berries thaw. Yum! That blueberry cheesecake looks even yummier.

  6. I've never seen a comb berry picker before. A couple of decades ago I worked for all of 2 days as a blueberry picker, I might have stayed longer if I'd had one of those as we did it all by hand and were paid by weight. I wasn't nearly as fast as the others and didn't cover the gas to get me there! Still love blueberries though :)