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Gingerbread House Day ~ A Fun Holiday

Gingerbread House - Source: Wikimedia
December 12th is known as Gingerbread House Day. This unofficial holiday has no known source, but has become a fun day to celebrate.

National Gingerbread House Day is a day set aside for creating a gingerbread house.  Parents and children can have a family activity making a gingerbread house. Or you could bake a large gingerbread house and have a party where the invited guests help to decorate it with icing and candies. The best part is this 'sweet treat' can then be eaten.

Hansel & Gretel

Remember the Grimm Fairy Tale "Hansel & Gretel"? It was published by the Brothers Grimm in Germany in 1812.  The house in the story is a cottage built of bread and cakes, with windowpanes of sugar.  The old lady the children meet is really a 'witch' who built her house of dainties to lure children to her so she could cook and eat them.  That sweet house in the story became the basis of the Gingerbread House popular today. 

What is Gingerbread?

Source: Pixabay

Gingerbread originally meant 'preserved ginger', but today it refers to a confection made up of honey or molasses flavored with ginger and other spices. 

There are other favorite gingerbread desserts in the form of cakes and cookies and the fun gingerbread man.  


Gingerbread Holidays

Gingerbread has become such a popular taste treat that it has generated special days throughout the year.  

  • June 5 is now known as National Gingerbread Day, a day created to bring attention to the gingerbread.
  • November 21st is National Gingerbread Cookie Day.  There are ginger snaps and regular gingerbread cookies which can be cut into shapes like Christmas cookies with cookie cutters, including the cutest of all, the gingerbread man or gingerbread boy cookie. 
  • And the holiday we are now celebrating on December 12  - National Gingerbread House Day.

Plush Gingerbread Boy Cookie Doll

Gingerbread Cookie Doll in Crochet
I even created a Gingerbread Boy Cookie Doll in crochet! 

He's handmade using tan acrylic yarn with white yarn 'frosting' around hands and feet. Gingerbread boy features include plastic safety eyes and embroidered mouth. He has two red crocheted buttons down the front. 

Gingerbread boy cookie doll is filled with soft new polyester fiberfill and there is a white yarn bow around his neck. 

Gingerbread cookie doll measures 8 inches tall. He's a sweet gift for Christmas or for any occasion.

Playtime Gingerbread House

Mini Lego Gingerbread House
If you don't have the time to bake a gingerbread house yourself, your children can enjoy building their own gingerbread house out of Legos with this fun set. 

This is a mini set with 54 pieces which measures 2" x 3" x 3" when completed. 

There are also larger Lego gingerbread houses available on Amazon.

Gingerbread House Festivals

Gingerbread House Festival
Gingerbread Houses have generated Gingerbread House Festivals around the country during the Christmas holidays.  I attended one such charming festival in Savannah, Georgia.

Happy Gingerbread House Day

So, enjoy your gingerbread in any form, especially as a gingerbread house on National Gingerbread House Day

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  1. I have always loved gingerbread houses! What a wonderful tradition for a family to spend a day making a one together. I love the idea of having an unofficial holiday date to encourage a fabulous family day together full of a lifetime of memories.

  2. A fun family project for the holiday season, for sure, Sylvestermouse.

  3. Clearly, delicious gingerbread is worthy of several holidays! I say we celebrate them all. Love your crocheted gingerbread cookie boy!

    1. I agree, Susan. We should celebrate every gingerbread holiday. Delighted you liked my crocheted gingerbread cookie doll. :)

  4. I don't have mine made yet this year, time to get cracking! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. It would be fun to make one. Have fun with yours, Olivia.

  5. I love making gingerbread houses. It's fun.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Thelma. Enjoy your gingerbread house time.